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Hi Everyone, Thanks for supporting Nurall. Over the past few weeks, we have enjoyed compiling and sharing posts with property price insights covering 1) Downtown Miami, 2) Dallas City, and 3) Miami-Dade County areas.

As we share these posts, we appreciate the feedback that we are receiving. We review this feedback to determine changes and content that we can feature in our weekly newsletter posts. In this post, we share a set of resources that you can use to compare and find your new WFH destination. This post came about from suggestions from readers, thank you ☺️.

WFH Places, Context: As more and more people Work From Home (WFH), they are enjoying the freedom to choose where to live and work. We know friends who have moved thousands of miles to new destinations. 

At Nurall, we are also a distributed small company and love the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world. So as we build the Nurall mobile application, we compiled resources below to help you explore WFH destinations.

Resources to compare WFH destinations

A. Internet/Bandwidth (broadband now)

Several WFH jobs require access to high-speed internet, especially wireless internet that is reliable. Therefore, our recommendation is to use broadband now to compare internet speeds across places. You can get bandwidth information and find out available internet providers at the top of the search results. 

B. Income/Wages/Demographics (US Census data)

US Census data is a fantastic resource, especially for wages, demographic information. One of our favorite mapping tools with census data is EDGE maps, You can use the map to explore 1) Housing Values, 2) Wages, 3) Demographic trends. 

C. Cost of Living (Numbeo)

Not all places cost the same, and living costs help you decide the lifestyle you can enjoy in your new destination. For this purpose, we recommend the living wages calculator at numbeo. It is super easy to use and provides many ways to explore expenditure costs in your new destination. 

D. Walkability/Commute Times (Walkscore and WalkIndex)

A popular destination to compute walkability is walkscore. It is super simple and provides walk, transit, and bike scores for neighborhoods.

In addition, we are also sharing a lesser-known resource, the EPA walkability index. If you love diving into data, the tool is to construct maps with transit and commute information; give it a try. Below we share a walk index map for Seattle with color-coded places based on the distance to a transit destination.

E. Schools (Great Schools)

GreatSchools.Org is a well known destination among parents, it is super easy to use and you can compare school boards, look at schools assigned to a zip code.

We hope you find these resources helpful. Alongside our weekly newsletter, we have also begun posting daily property insights, fun factoids, and neighborhood photos on Instagram; follow us and let us know your feedback.

We look forward to partnering together as we explore worldwide neighborhoods.

Regards, Thank You, Ravi