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At Nurall, we love connecting with you and sharing neighborhood photos with free property price insights on our Instagram Channel. 

In today's blog post, we feature Miami Beach and share Short-Term Rental (STR) price insights and photos. This information can help you plan your Miami Beach Vacation, including expected STR expenses, and decide on neighborhoods to stay.

Happy Exploring, we highly recommend Miami Beach to visit and explore beaches, nature, culture, and unique communities.

Miami Beach Short Term Rental (STR) Insights: Some quick stats 

1 Bed: 7000+ options, Price Range: $139 to $418 (25th percentile to 90 percentile).

2 Bed: 3900+ options, Price Range: $248 to $659 (25th percentile to 90 percentile) .

3 Bed: 1000+ options, Price Range: $398 to $960 (25th percentile to 90 percentile) .

There is an extensive range of options for STR in Miami Beach. We love exploring less popular small vacation home companies. Having an STR with the presence of a vacation home manager is excellent.

If we further look at average rents across the last 12 months we see that prices have been increasing across 1-Bed, 2-Bed and 3-Bed homes, condos and apartments.

As our team explored the Miami Beach area we covered the neighborhoods along North - South route i.e from Mid-Beach to South-Beach including A) Alton Road, B) Flamingo/Lummus area, C) Ocean Drive and D) South Pointe Pier and Park. We are also sharing the route and visuals from these places below:

Alton Road is a great place to visit restaurants, retail shopping centers on your way to South Beach. You can grab food, step out for a dinner date on your way to South Beach.

Collins Avenue has excellent coffee shops and a lovely place to step out and take a stroll. We highly recommend stepping out, walking, and trying out the local coffee ☕️ shops.

The Flamingo/Lummus area is residential with multiple apartment houses and small residential towers. You might find STR in apartment homes in this area.

Ocean Drive is a must-see, walk, jog or stroll down ocean drive to explore this place. We fell in love with the serene ocean views; add this to your bucket list as a must-see spot on your south beach trip.

South Pointe Park is the southernmost part of South Beach. There is a steakhouse in the park and a pier with panoramic views. 

Stop by to explore the southern tip of south beach, and you can also stay in the large apartment towers next to the beach. 

As a traveler, explorer we are with you and had fun putting up this guide for South Beach. Keep exploring and visiting new places.

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