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Hi All, Thanks for sharing feedback as we build the Nurall mobile application to discover worldwide neighborhoods. In this post, we are sharing three fun property insights for Miami Dade county. For aggregating these Nurall insights, we have found Regrid Parcel Data to be a great data source. 

Insight #1High Property Price Cities in Miami-Dade county are close by, really close, and concentrated next to Miami Beach. Miami Beach has seven cities in the top 10 list. The property values for Single Family Residential homes (SFR) ranged from $3.78 MM to $0.82MM. 

Table 1: Top 10 Cities with highest average property appraisal values

Map 1: Top 10 cities with high SFR property appraisal values

Insight #2: The high price cities correspond to larger homes. We see an intersection with eight cities repeating in the list of largest building sizes. It is a notable trend as we did not expect such a large intersection.

Table 2: Top 10 cities with the highest average building areas for SFR.

Insight #3: Most SFR homes are three-bedroom properties. There are bigger eight-bedroom homes :). We filtered the data to ensure there are at least 100 records per bedroom_count. We guessed that three and four-bedroom homes are most popular, and this turned out to be true. If you have found these insights helpful let us know and share what you like or don’t like.

Table 3:  Count of SFR properties alongside bedroom count

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