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At Nurall, we love connecting with you and sharing neighborhood photos with free property price insights on our Instagram Channel. 

In today's blog post, we feature Miami Beach and share Short-Term Rental (STR) price insights and photos. This information can help you plan your Miami Beach Vacation, including expected STR expenses, and decide on neighborhoods to stay.

Happy Exploring, we highly recommend Miami Beach to visit and explore beaches, nature, culture, and unique communities.

Miami Beach Short Term Rental (STR) Insights: Some quick stats 

1 Bed: 7000+ options, Price Range: $139 to $418 (25th percentile to 90 percentile).

2 Bed: 3900+ options, Price Range: $248 to $659 (25th percentile to 90 percentile) .

3 Bed: 1000+ options, Price Range: $398 to $960 (25th percentile to 90 percentile) .

There is an extensive range of options for STR in Miami Beach. We love exploring less popular small vacation home companies. Having an STR with the presence of a vacation home manager is excellent.

If we further look at average rents across the last 12 months we see that prices have been increasing across 1-Bed, 2-Bed and 3-Bed homes, condos and apartments.

As our team explored the Miami Beach area we covered the neighborhoods along North - South route i.e from Mid-Beach to South-Beach including A) Alton Road, B) Flamingo/Lummus area, C) Ocean Drive and D) South Pointe Pier and Park. We are also sharing the route and visuals from these places below:

Alton Road is a great place to visit restaurants, retail shopping centers on your way to South Beach. You can grab food, step out for a dinner date on your way to South Beach.

Collins Avenue has excellent coffee shops and a lovely place to step out and take a stroll. We highly recommend stepping out, walking, and trying out the local coffee ☕️ shops.

The Flamingo/Lummus area is residential with multiple apartment houses and small residential towers. You might find STR in apartment homes in this area.

Ocean Drive is a must-see, walk, jog or stroll down ocean drive to explore this place. We fell in love with the serene ocean views; add this to your bucket list as a must-see spot on your south beach trip.

South Pointe Park is the southernmost part of South Beach. There is a steakhouse in the park and a pier with panoramic views. 

Stop by to explore the southern tip of south beach, and you can also stay in the large apartment towers next to the beach. 

As a traveler, explorer we are with you and had fun putting up this guide for South Beach. Keep exploring and visiting new places.

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Visuals from Miami

Discover Worldwide Neighborhoods

Hi Everyone, Thanks for exploring neighborhoods and partnering with us on our journey. We love all explorers and TY for the likes, comments and feedback.

In this short photo blog post, we are sharing Miami photos liked by customers.

Over the last month, we have loved 🥰 visiting and sharing visuals from Miami and Miami Beach.

We hope you like this visual representation of Miami and have a lovely week ahead.

1) Artistic Murals from Wynwood

2) Waterside towers in Edgewater

3) Downtown Miami Parks and Buildings

4) Serene Vizcaya museum and gardens

5) Laid-back sailing docks in Coconut Grove.

6) Coral Gables Giralda Plaza

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Nurall : Discover Edgewater Miami

Explore Worldwide Neighborhoods

Hi 👋 Everyone,

Thanks for sharing feedback and liking our posts on Instagram and Twitter. In today’s post, we feature property insights from Edgewater, Miami. For the property trends from Edgewater, Miami we use data from RealPages, Inc, and AirDNA.

Edgewater: Edgewater, Miami is centrally located and a short bike or car ride away from south beach 🏖 and a mile from the Wynwood Art District. It is also close to Downtown and frequently mentioned as one of the best places to live for urban professionals and among families.

Within Edgewater,  Margaret Pace Park is a local favorite with basketball, tennis courts, jogging paths.  There are also a variety of housing options that we cover below.

Single Family Homes: Edgewater and nearby places have around 1000 single-family homes. Given the location, prices are high, with average home values over a million dollars. 

Rental Prices: Given Edgewater is popular with tourists and residents we share short term rental and long term rental prices.

AirBnB has multiple short term listings in this area, and average daily rates vary across the different apartment sizes (see below)

  • Studio - $125

  • 1 Bed - $189

  • 2 Bed - $319

  • 3 Bed - $453

Edgewater is also a well-sought destination for renters. The most desired rental units are the condos and apartments in the high-rise towers. Prices vary (see below) based on apartment size and location. We recommend looking across multiple buildings to find the one that fits your budget and lifestyle

  • 1 Bed - $1,894

  • 2 Bed - $2,311

  • 3 Bed - $2,746

Visuals: We love the views covering Edgewater. It is an urban place, next to the water and very walkable. We are sharing recent neighborhood photos; let us know if you like them.

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We are also working on launching a mobile app for you to explore world wide neighborhoods and decide where to travel, stay and explore.

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Nurall : Discover Wynwood Miami

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Hi Everyone, I hope you are all having a lovely week. At Nurall, we love discovering places and making it fun for you to discover new neighborhoods to stay.

Last weekend our team members visited the Wynwood neighborhood in Miami. Our team loved (🥰 ) walking🚶‍♀️ around and capturing photos of Wynwood mural art.

Wynwood is famous for its unique graffiti art, and visiting this neighborhood is fun. In today’s post, we are sharing these photos to encourage you to visit Wynwood on your next trip to Miami.

I hope you love these sights, and we enjoyed capturing and sharing them with you.

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Thanks everyone for supporting us on our journey.

Thanks, Ravi

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