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Hi, This is Ravi Dharmapuram, founder of Nurall and on behalf of our team, I am super excited to welcome you ❤️ to sign up for the  Nurall Pre-Launch campaign. Please click the button below to sign up:

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Nurall is a new tech startup formed in June 2021 and working to democratize real estate via enabling open connections. Ahead of the public launch, we have kick-started the pre-launch campaign to share our vision, upcoming features and get feedback from early adopters. 

Signing up for the pre-launch campaign from this email secures you a spot for the public launch and we have cool rewards 🏆 for referrals. These include cool stickers for 3 referrals, lifetime access, and 1-year Nurall Premium access. 

 In this email, I am sharing the company vision/mission and a high-level set of product features for feedback. We will review and respond to suggestions from our community of early adopters.

Vision and Features (what do customers get): 

Ahead of forming Nurall, Arun (Realtor in Indy) and I worked on multiple residential and commercial real estate purchase and investing opportunities in the US Mid-West and Pacific North West regions. While we worked on these projects we ran into recurring problems which included 1) Access Issues - customers don't have access to specific competitive projects, 2) Network issues - real estate professionals and customers form connections that are transactional, temporal, and miss opportunities by not staying connected and 3) Openness issues - not knowing whom to trust and engage with on specific transactions can lead to costly issues.

As builders of customer products we looked for available solutions and talked to hundreds of customers who validated that these pain points re-occur with varying impact and priority. There was a recurring need from customers for a simple solution to explore and choose realtors, contractors. Real estate professionals also expressed the need to automate referral management, form connections across geographic boundaries, and get access to content and tutorials. There was also a recurring need for realtors to own marketing on listings that they are selling and need to build direct relationships with customers. 

Incorporating both customer feedback and our learnings led us to kick-start Nurall ( a fun-take on connecting neurons) towards building an open marketplace for customers. As we work towards the initial launch our roadmap includes 1) the ability to form private and public direct connections, 2) the ability to post and respond to sealed bids for buying/selling homes. 3) ability to connect with realtors right next to properties and 4) access to real-estate tutorials and content.  

Let us know if there are features you like, additional features you would like, or suggestions that you have. Reply directly and I will review and respond.

We are always looking to learn and iteratively build new features.

With Love and Respect,

Ravi Dharmapuram

CEO&Founder, Nurall 

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