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Nurall - Sharing Learnings along the way

Hi Everyone, We are sharing this post to share three insights we discovered recently in building Nurall. Let us know if you like/dislike or find these helpful. We want to keep you updated as we consolidate information to build Nurall Mobile Application as a one-stop destination to discover new neighborhoods.

The exercise of consolidating information for cities and neighborhoods has turned into a treasure hunt where we have uncovered exciting insights and tidbits. We are sharing here for fun as these organized random insights might be helpful to you.

  1. US 30 Year Mortgage Rates are low, like really, really low when you look over a longer ten-year duration. A great source is the 30 Yr. mortgage graph below from St Louis Fed. Homebuyers since 2010 might not have seen the >6% mortgage rates.


  2. The largest segment of customers moved into their housing units after 2017.

    Per the Census ACS Survey conducted in 2019, we have 122 MM+ occupied housing units with 34 MM+ units occupied after 2017 (28% of total). So it was a surprise to us that the housing tenure is pretty short.

    Reference: ACS US Census Data

  3. Elementary schools (grades 1-8) make up the majority of enrolled students.

    As students head back to school, it was super interesting to know that 56.7% of students are in Elementary School and Only 0.3% in College or Graduate School. 

    Reference: EDGE 2019 School Data

Let us know of you found these insights useful as we are looking across census, school, rental and housing data to put together simple easy lookups to review US cities and neighborhoods.

Thanks for your continued support and feedback, Ravi