Nurall - Discover World Wide Neighborhoods

Company and Product Update

Hi, Thanks everyone for the tremendous support provided as we set out to form Nurall in June 2021. In this post on behalf of the Nurall team, we especially thank our 100+ customers for sharing feedback and guiding us towards our MVP. We share the MVP that we are working towards and key team updates in this post.

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1) MVP Focus - The focus at Nurall has pivoted towards building a Mobile Application to help customers discover worldwide neighborhoods.

Our mission at Nurall is to democratize access for customers to buy, invest, rent properties across the world. Towards this goal, as we spoke to 100+ customers in Q2 2021, we learned that customers are looking for help in shortlisting neighborhoods or cities across the world before choosing properties.

While customers have varied interests, they look across multiple online and offline locations to spot cities and neighborhoods of interest. The critical set of customers who look at communities includes investors, potential home buyers, and renters.

At Nurall, we have focused our MVP on building the Neighborhood Discovery Single Stop Mobile Application. Towards this goal, we are building the team, aggregating the data, and provide a simple free mobile app to search/browse and discover worldwide neighborhoods.

2) Team Updates - At Nurall, we have been making significant progress in setting up the team who are helping define and execute our product roadmap.

Team - We are happy to welcome Rima (Sr. Design Lead) and Shyam Katti (Sr. Software Engineer). Rima is guiding our company on product definition, branding, and user interface. 

Rima brings over 8+ years of experience and has been vital in re-defining the Nurall branding, bringing the voice of the customer to the table in defining our Mobile UI.

Shyam Katti joined Nurall in June 2021 with 10+ years of experience. Shyam also brings experience in building Full Stack solutions and has helped to accelerate Nurall product development.

Over the last couple of months, Shyam and Dmytro, Principal Engineer @Nurall, have set up the AWS Amplify React Native application, built the IoS Mobile App, and backend data integration workflows.

 As we bring the product to life, we are working over the next few months on building the end-to-end mobile user interface and solutions to provide a single-stop destination for customers to discover and shortlist neighborhoods. Consider joining us, and I appreciate your feedback and suggestions as we build towards our initial launch.

Thank You, Ravi, Founder, Nurall